Welcome to Scalliwag Toys!

30 August 2005

Well, everyone else in the world has a blog, right? Why shouldn’t we?

Welcome to the Scalliwag Toys blog, a place where we can let you, our customers, know what’s new in the world of toys and games at our store, and where you can let us know what you would like to see us carry, or not carry, in our inventory.

We’ll also post links to manufacturers’ websites, or sites that provide great consumer information regarding toys and games, as well as a listing of store events (like games days or workshops). Heck, we’re open to suggestion — you tell us what information you are looking for, and we’ll try to provide it.

Let me start by describing some terrific-looking new puzzle products from Thinkfun. This company has been around for some years now (it used to be known as Binary Arts) and it designs and manufactures some of the cleverest and most-addictive puzzles ever, including the ever-popular Rush Hour. We have just received a re-stock on Rush Hour and River Crossing Jr. (with simpler puzzles suitable for children aged 6-8). We have a good supply of refill cards for Rush Hour (levels 2, 3, and 4) as well as Rush Hour Jr. But now I’d like to present a couple of new introductions, Tipover and Subtrax.

Tipover is described as a multi-level game, meaning that the package contains a game grid, plastic crates of different colours and heights, and forty different, increasingly difficult puzzles that you must solve (solutions are given, don’t worry). The player sets up the board using the crates specified on the puzzle card, then tips over the crates one by one in order to create a path to the red crate, the final destination. Sound easy? Well, sure — for the first puzzle or two. CDN$19.99

Subtrax is a new twist on that old favourite, peg solitaire. You remember — the game where you jumped peg over peg until there was only one left on the board. This one’s a little different, though, since the new game pattern cards tell you in which directions you may jump, so that the level of difficulty is increased (like I needed that). A great game for those analytical people in your life. CDN$19.99

Whew! That’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow!


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