Games Workshop Painting Class

When: 23 August 2006

Where: Scalliwag Toys, 302 Front Street, Belleville, ON

Instructor: James Craig

Everyone has done it — we’ve all spent five or six hours painting just one character, only to look into the box and realize that there are 15 more just like him in the regiment, and more core regiments to glue, paint, and base before even a minimum-point army is ready to roll onto the battlefield. (And — let’s face it — there’s no way to justify purchasing that special character that would put the finishing touch on the army, until the core army is done…)

In anticipation of Games Workshop’s September release of the new Warhammer Fantasy Starter Set, James Craig will be demonstrating some “quick and dirty” painting techniques and tips that will have that unpainted regiment or army battle-worthy in no time. James, a multiple Golden Demon winning painter and all-round nice guy, will teach you how to paint your army using a minimum of colours but achieving the maximum depth of detail, richness of shade, and professional look.

You will need to bring one primed plastic or metal miniature, the three or four basic colours in which you plan to paint your model, a small container for water, and at least one brush. James has suggested that you may, if you wish, bring a completed, painted model in addition to your unpainted model if you’d like him to give concrete and individualized suggestions on how to improve your painting.

Space is limited to twenty participants; ten for the morning session (10 a.m. to 12 noon) and ten for the afternoon (1 p.m. to 3 p.m.) If you would like to attend, please email me with your name and your preference for the morning or afternoon session.


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