The 2006 Christmas Catalogue is Here!

The 2006 edition of our Christmas catalogue is hitting doorsteps all over the Quinte area even as I write this, and over the next few weeks we are going to highlight a few of the items you will see inside its covers.

First of all, there is a coupon inside the catalogue (on page 2) that will get you a $20 discount on a PlasmaCar. For those of you who haven’t yet seen a PlasmaCar — whoa, are you in for a neat surprise! This neat-o ride-on has no pedals, no gears, and no visible means of propulsion, yet given a driver and a smooth, flat surface it goes like crazy! Great exercise and pure fun — a terrific combination. Regular price CDN$79.99, with coupon CDN$59.99.

Anyone looking for a gift for that hard-to-buy-for 10 year old boy might do worse than to consider the new RC Tarantula from Uncle Milton Toys (item #2027, CDN$29.99). This orange and black beauty measures about 6 inches in diameter, and features realistically-furry texture and light-up eyes! Independent leg movement ensures creepy-crawly realism. Excellent for grossing out family members.

Last for today is the Super Fort set from Big Boing / Right Brain Toys (CDN$64.99). I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I spent a lot of time in my “playhouse”, which I made by hanging blankets from the top bunk in order to create a private space on the bunk below. Well, the Super Fort allows kids to keep the sheets and sofa pillows where they belong while giving them the opportunity to build an almost infinite variety of safe, cool playhouses from an assortment of flexible and rigid noodles, landscape mats, coloured nylon “skins”, and magnetic connectors.
The various pieces allow kids to exercise their imaginations as they design and build their own structures, and when playtime is over (is it ever really over?) everything packs away into the two included storage bags. Super Fort. Super cool.

That’s it for today. Next time, we’ll look at some great creative gifts designed to cultivate your child’s inner Picasso.


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