Now In Stock — Melissa & Doug Products

After a long and frustrating year during which we were not able to get these great products, we finally have Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles and playthings back in stock! And, best of all, prices have dropped substantially!

This American company, headquartered in Westport, CT, produces some of the best wooden puzzles and toys to be found on the planet. The graphics are fun and funky, with engaging design and bright, friendly colours, and the wooden pieces are crafted from hardwoods and plywoods, then sanded to a smooth finish. In the wooden puzzles, we especially like the Fresh Start™ series, which features extra-thick pieces and large knobs for easy use by even the youngest child. The Jumbo Knob puzzles are also useful for those children who have limited fine-motor skills, as a “power grip” or clutching motion may be used to manoeuver each piece into place.

Melissa & Doug also have a line of Classic Toys, such as the Shape Sorting Clock (#159), the Lacing Sneaker (#3018), and the Stacking Train (left, #572), to name a few. These toys provide great value and superior craftsmanship, as they help build early shape, colour, and size differentiation skills. Old-fashioned? Well, maybe. Worth a look? Definitely. These are toys that children return to over and over again.

Scalliwag is also carrying M & D’s bargain-priced line of cardboard jigsaw puzzles, ranging in size from 30 pieces to 500 pieces, as well as their great cardboard floor puzzles (24-48 pieces on average, 24″ x 36″). We consider these to be the best graphics, highest quality, largest size, and lowest price puzzles we’ve yet found!


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