Because I Said So, That’s Why.

It goes without saying that each of us has a mother (biologically speaking at the very least.) And it seems to be pretty much accepted now that mothers are, by and large, the largest unheralded source of energy on the planet. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 72% of American mothers whose children were toddlers or older were in the work force as of 2005. (I can only assume that the percentages for Canadian mothers are similar, since I couldn’t find any statistics from the Canadian government.) That’s a lot of women who work all day, then come home to nurture families, do laundry, and walk the dog.

And it’s tiring. I don’t want to sound like a whiner, but the thoughts of jobs left undone at home, while one is at work, loom large in the minds of mothers I know. Let’s face it: the stuff you do at home never ends — do all the laundry, and more just accumulates. Do the dishes, and then people just eat again, and it starts all over. Sigh.

Which is why your mother (or significant other, if she happens to be a mother) really needs SuperMom™.

SuperMom comes from the same geniuses who brought you GeekMan, BossMan, and MoneyMan. SuperMom is an action figure for the other half of the human race — the female half. Her superpowers include mega-multitasking; the “look”; cure-all kisses; temper tantrum tactics; mind reading; and cheerleading. Her accessories include a cell phone, a briefcase/handbag, a super-long to-do list, a bag of groceries, work and casual shoes, a baby (who turns in an instant from angelic to mini-monster) and both calm (ahhh!) and frazzled (argggghh!) heads.

SuperMom is the brainchild of Kris Schantz and Shirley Yee, principals of Happy Worker. They had this to say about the genesis of their fourth action figure:

“The idea for a mothering hero juggling the pleasures and pitfalls of modern motherhood popped into our heads a few years back as a single picture… a crazy busy mom trying for that near impossible balance of kids and work while standing on her head. From this mental image we started on the rest of the details – her character, accessories, etc.”

We’re all looking to achieve that balance in our lives. Your mother showed you every day how that was done, and the odds are that she made it look easy. Here’s your chance to show her that you understand how difficult a job it really is.

SuperMom™ CDN$19.99 Ages 15+ (I don’t know why it’s ages 15 and up: ask Kris if you really want to find out.)


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