"Why Talk When You Can Paint?" (Milton Avery 1885-1965)

For many years, the process of painting a Warhammer army has taken the same shape: assemble models; glue models; spray prime either Skull White or Chaos Black; paint on first coat of main colour. Curse, as the primer remains obstinately visible beneath the first coat of colour. Paint on second coat. Gaze miserably at streaky, horrid-looking model. Apply third coat, concentrating on areas poorly covered by coats one and two. Check your watch. Sob a bit, as you look at your other 15 members of the regiment, still all monochromatic black or white …. American artist Milton Avery might have thought painting better than talking, but better still is getting that army finished at last

But take heart, fellow painters: Games Workshop has listened to your moaning and complaining, and has given you hope, in the shape of

The Citadel Foundation Paint Set

Ta-da! This new paint formula is designed expressly to cover primed models with total opacity in one coat only. One dip of the brush, one stroke, total coverage. Wow. And — it works. I could paint all of a model with one brush-load of paint, with no visible streaking or thin spots.

The colours are somewhat more muted than the regular range; a little earthier, perhaps — a little less aggressive. They are well-suited to being the mid-range tone on your finished model, with shadows added by way of inks, perhaps, and highlights added with drybrushing. They are also well-suited to colour reinforcement; place a topcoat of Citadel regular Sunburst Yellow over a base of Foundation Iyanden Darksun, and watch that yellow “pop” — more intensity, greater clarity, and smooth, matte texture. By comparison, a coat of Sunburst Yellow over black primer will be thin, weak, and pale.

This new range will be a wonderful aid for those painting large quantities of miniatures, especially grunt troops — on whose painting you might not want to expend huge efforts, yet of course would like to look half-decent. Using the Foundation formula in your two major colour families, say, followed by dry-brushing for highlights and then some light detail work, will allow a painter to complete a really respectable regiment in record time.

The Foundation paints are currently released only in a boxed set of 18 colours at CDN$65.00. They will be available individually in June, at CDN$4.25, the same price as the regular Citadel paints. If you are interested in using these a lot, the boxed set is a good value, giving an average cost of only CDN$3.60 per pot.

Oh, one last bit of advice: if you are one of those painters who licks his brush to achieve a fine point — try to get out of the habit before using these … although they are completely non-toxic, they taste terrible!


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