DC Heroclix: Legion of Super Heroes!

Brand new from Wizkids are the DC Heroclix: Legion of Super Heroes starter sets!

DC™ HeroClix® gets its first Starter Game in two years with the DC HeroClix: Legion of Super Heroes Starter Game! This Starter Game is playable out of the box and contains the latest and most up-to-date version of the HeroClix rules, as well as new game mechanics such as character cards and themed teams. This product is a must-have for all HeroClix players!

• 7 exclusive new sculpts with character cards
• 2 exclusive new 3-D objects
• 1 feat card

• 1 battlefield condition card
• Terrain and object tokens
• Full sized 3”x 3” color map
• Updated HeroClix rulebook and powers and abilities card
• 1 HeroClix base turning ring and 2 dice


Also new from Wizkids is the Marvel Heroclix Avengers booster set.

Marvel™ HeroClix®: Avengers continues the fifth anniversary of HeroClix in a big way with the premiere Marvel super-team that’s so big it requires 60 exclusive figures to get them all in! Avengers takes HeroClix to a whole new level with a number of new features for players, collectors, and retailers alike!

• Character cards now give figures more thematic powers and abilities plus background information like first appearances, secret identities, and more!
HeroClix now features an industry-standard rarity model; each piece is now marked with a set symbol colored to represent rarity.
• The Booster size has increased to accommodate 5 figures, character cards and some of the most amazing sculpts ever in HeroClix!

—5 randomly packed figures with character cards
—1 feat card, bystander token, or battlefield condition card
—1 marketing insert

CDN$12.99 per booster box


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