The Mechanics of Blogging

I’ve decided, after a couple of years of pretty desultory blogging, to take this a lot more seriously. There are several reasons for this: first, it provides an outlet for the frustrated writer in me; and second, it helps me to communicate with my customers.

So now I’m researching all the nuts-and-bolts of hard-core blogging — how to get your blog indexed by a major search engine, for example. ‘Till quite recently, I didn’t even know that there were indexes (indices?) let alone that bloggers actually sweated to make sure their works showed up.

And I’m increasing the frequency of my posts (you might have noticed that one — as of May 13, 2008, I’ve posted as often as in all of 2007. And it’s only going up from here.) I’m analyzing the traffic on the blog using Google Analytics, checking out which pages readers find most interesting (or at least on which they spend the most time!) I am also exploring the use of reciprocal linking with other bloggers, such as Link Back Link, in an effort to increase readership.

We’ll see how it goes.


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