Collected Memories

“Will this be worth something someday?”

We hear this question all the time from would-be collectors, whether it be of Webkinz, or Lego, or tin toys. And the answer? Well, it would have to be: “Only time will tell.”

Everyone knows someone who has a huge collection of Beanie Babies, or Star Wars paraphernilia, or Thomas the Tank Engine trains. A large collection is not in and of itself valuable over and above its sentimental value, however, since the other half of the equation is rarity. (And monetary worth doesn’t hurt, either — it stands to reason that a painting by Picasso will appreciate more in your collection than will a box of Lego, just because the Picasso cost more to begin with.)

So go ahead and collect your favorite toys, but do it because they give you pleasure, as much as for any potential financial windfall. That way, you can’t really be disappointed.

Here’s a link to a board game collection that I do wish I had, though. Just think of the rainy Saturday afternoons you could get through if you had all these to amuse you …

P.S. Here’s a link to my very own (cough cough) Picasso. You can make one too.)


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