Go Bananas!

Here in Canada, this coming weekend is the Victoria Day long weekend, traditionally associated with the beginning of the all-too-short Canadian summer. Lots of families will be on the move this weekend — maybe going camping, or making the trek to open the cottage, or merely taking advantage of that extra day to do a little vacation traveling.

Bananagrams® is one game that I can enthusiastically recommend for word-game lovers, especially those for whom storage space is an issue. A multiple award winner, Bananagrams® doesn’t require pencils, papers, or boards. The tiles (144 in all, and surprisingly weighty, ivory-like little things they are) store inside the clever cloth pouch.

Players draw tiles from the pile, and each player then forms his or her own grid of intersecting and interconnecting words. Not only can new words be built as new tiles are drawn, but also old words may be anagrammed into new, more advantageous ones.

I also like this game for children (and impatient adults, too) because all players play simultaneously; the games move quickly and even young children can win through strategies of speed. It has developed quite a following!

In fact, one could say that this is a game with definite a-peel!

Retails for CDN$16.99


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