An Ounce of Prevention

Tomorrow, Sunday 18 May, is Visit Your Relatives Day (I’m not making this up, honest). I did a little research, and found lots of sites offering free e-cards that presumably you send electronically to all the relatives whom you are not going to visit anyway — but no hint of where or when this so-called “holiday” started.

Be that as it may. Visiting your relatives is a good idea, because social contact keeps people … ah … normal. Mothers who do not get a visit every now and again from their ungrateful adult children, who have no idea how much we sacrificed, and they never, never call, and — oh, sorry. Well, mothers like me — I mean, like that — stand a good chance of eventually turning into Crazy Cat Ladies. On the other hand, if you do have a mother like that, now you can get an action figure that you can sit on top of your computer monitor that will remind you of her.

The wild-eyed Crazy Cat Lady action figure is 5 1/4 inches (13.3 cm) tall, and is dressed in what appears to be a fetching bathrobe / pyjama ensemble, liberally decorated with cats. Six additional cats (I think it’s six … I lost count) are included. Lots of fun.

Go and call your mother — now — before it’s too late.


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