The Game of Takes and Double-Takes

One game that has caught our eye at the store recently is Ruckus™. This card game from Funstreet Inc. has won itself a devoted following amongst families, as it can be played (and won!) by children as young as five or six years of age.

The name is appropriate, as the play is fast and furious. A hand of seven cards is dealt to each player, and any sets of two or more matching cards in one’s hand must be laid down on the table in front of the player concerned. This is just where the fun begins, however, since in the next phase of play anyone who owns a single card of the same type may now “steal” the set by claiming it with his or her single card. More cards are dealt out, and the set-building and set-stealing begin anew. The first player to end up with one card in his hand signals the end of play, at which point the points are counted and the winner determined.

Speed and skill both play a part, but speed at recognizing sets trumps skill. And there are no turns in the game — everyone plays simultaneously — which makes for a boisterous good time.

Ages 5 years and up, 2-4 players, CDN$11.99


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