Who Wants Ice Cream?!

Yesterday was National Strawberries and Cream Day for our American friends (disclosure: I am a dual U.S./Canadian citizen, so I got to celebrate too) — a welcome holiday, don’t you think? Here in Canada, of course, the strawberries won’t be ready for about another month (maybe more, if it stays as chilly as it has done) but I suppose in the balmier South they are ready to pick.

I know, I know — nowadays we can find fresh strawberries in the local supermarket anywhere, at any time, so why celebrate? Yes, well, those January strawberries taste like … well, “cardboard” is an over-used comparison, even if it’s true. Of course, we can still freeze berries to eat year round, or make them into jams or jellies, or we can distill their very essence to make into …

Astronaut Ice Cream!

Well, to be truthful, the strawberries form only a part of one flavour — the stripey Neapolitan — but you get the idea.

Freeze-dried ice cream (which is what Astronaut Ice Cream is) was developed for the Apollo space missions by Whirlpool Corporation. What does it taste like, you ask? Surprisingly good — it kind of melts in the mouth.

And, for those whose tastes run to the Jurassic, there is Fossilized Dino Slime (freeze-dried mint chocolate chip ice cream.) Mmmmmm.

132003 Fossilized Dino Slime CDN$3.99
130001 Astronaut Ice Cream CDN$3.99


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