It May Be 32C Outside, But the Playmobil Advent Calendars Have Arrived

Advent is the Christian liturgical season that celebrates the coming birth of Jesus Christ, on 25 December, or Christmas. The modern Advent calendar, which simply counts up from 1 December to 24 December, or Christmas Eve, has its roots in German Lutheranism of the 19th century. The Advent calendar (like its fellow German tradition adopted by Christians world-wide, the Christmas tree) has become a popular symbol of the holidays.

Playmobil has for some time now offered a variety of Advent calendars each year. These calendars are the sort that contain 24 little numbered boxes and a cardboard hanger upon which to mount them; the parent inserts a piece of Playmobil into each box prior to 1 December, and the child then opens one per day until Christmas Eve, adding each piece to the growing diorama at the base of the calendar.

We’ve just received a shipment of three different Playmobil Advent calendars — two versions from last year, and one new one. Shown at left, #4156 is “Advent Calendar Pirates,” which has no overt religious images. This joins #4153, “Advent Calendar Knight’s Duel,” and #4154, “Advent Calendar Unicorn Paradise,” which were available last year, and which are similarly non-religious.

Also on the way for this year (but not yet arrived) is #4155, “Christmas in the Forest” (see below left.) This set will contain a nice assortment of forest creatures and a Santa Claus figure of the sort familiar to North Americans, conventionalized by the poetry of Clement Moore and the advertising of Coca-Cola (see the example at right.) “Christmas in the Forest” is expected to arrive some time in October.

Each of the Advent Calendars will sell for CDN$17.99, a fabulous price for a largish set.


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