The Circus is in Town!

Our modern circus, with its familiar acrobats, clowns, and animal acts, dates approximately from the end of the 18th century. The word “circus” comes from the Latin, meaning quite literally “loop”, and referred to the shape of the ring in which the performers worked. Rome’s Circus Maximus, built by the Etruscans and later enlarged by Julius Caesar, is perhaps the best-known of these ancient entertainment venues.

It’s been more than fifteen years since Playmobil last had a Circus theme, but it’s back — and better than ever! The first, and largest, item is #4230, the Circus Tent. With adjustable tent opening, room for 30 “spectators”, and LED lighting, this is one big top. Completing the set are high-wire acrobats, a Ringmaster (in the obligatory top hat!), a ticket-seller, and some customers.
#4230 Circus Tent CDN$99.99

Next in the line-up is #4231, the Circus Band. You can hear one of their musical pieces in the video above; four buttons on the front of the stage allow children control of these sound effects (musical theme one and two, drum roll, and applause). I like the chimp — do you suppose he’s the band’s vocalist?
#4231 Circus Band CDN$15.99

What circus would be complete with lions and a lion-tamer? (Do you suppose that he used to be a chartered accountant, by any chance?) #4232, Cage with Trailer, includes the Lion Tamer as well as lions, their accommodation, and various lion-care odds and ends. The set may be combined with #4233, Animal Trainer (which comes with “access tunnel and predators”. Yikes.) Siegfried and Roy, anyone?

#4232 Cage with Trailer CDN$45.99
#4233 Animal Trainer CDN$27.99

You can round out your circus with a number of other options, including #4234, Horse Dressage (CDN$31.99), #4235, Baby Elephant (CDN$15.99), #4236, Acrobats and Tightrope Artists (CDN$24.99, look out Cirque du Soleil!), #4237, Dog Show (CDN$13.99), and finally #4238, Clown with Flower (CDN$4.99 — and the flower squirts water! How cool is that?!)

“La-deeeeeez and Gentlemen! In the centre ring … “


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