Black Reach Painting Contest Results

We held a painting competition on Saturday 4 October, in honour of the September release of Games Workshop’s new Warhammer 40 000 starter set, Assault on Black Reach. The entrants each painted one model of their choice — which could be modified if they so desired — from the set. The competition was judged by James Craig, a Golden Demon-winning master painter.

This was a smaller competition than normal: there are at least 13 armies available for Warhammer 40 000 and a similar number for Fantasy (some armies have been discontinued, spun off into armies in their own right, or folded into others over the years) but only models from the Space Orks and Space Marines — the two armies featured in the starter box — were eligible for the contest.

The winner was painted by Matt Dey, an area college student with a long experience of miniature painting. His entry, the Ork Warboss (left), shows a masterly grasp of shading and highlighting (note the definition on the muscles, the facial features, and the creases in the trousers — and remember that the character is just a few centimetres in height!)

Matt also mentioned that he made use of Games Workshop’s range of Foundation paints in coating his model. This is a sub-set of the regular paint line, designed to provide superlative, one-coat coverage of the recommended spray-bomb basecoat, and which allows the painter to concentrate his subsequent efforts on painting for detailed effect. Matt mentioned that the bright colours in the regular range particularly “popped” when painted over a Foundation colour (note the vivid yellow). This colour saturation was a point particularly noted by James Craig in his analysis.

Matt took home a selection of Games Workshop product for his win.

The calibre of the entrants’ model painting was very high, the result of many hours’ work. (Unfortunately, the photographs were taken in relatively low light, with a camera whose batteries were on their last few specks of charge, and without benefit of a tripod, so that the crispness leaves much to be desired. The actual models looked much better, and are shown here in no particular order.)

Congratulations and thanks to all participants — in alphabetical order —

  • Liam Arendt
  • Robert Bailey
  • Nathan Cerone
  • Matthew Dey
  • Alex Hope
  • Alex Steenburg

Thanks also to our judge, James Craig.


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