Website Update

I’ll be renovating our website over the next few weeks, for both aesthetic and business reasons. Our initial website was amateurish in the extreme (it reflected both the limitations of my HTML editor and of my design skills) but it got the job done, I guess. The process of building it, however, was painfully slow for someone whose responsibilities are not confined to web design (that would be me) and so it was not updated nearly as often as it should have been.

This problem was compounded by my Scrooge-like nature: I hate to pay for anything that I can possibly do myself. The flip-side of this characteristic is a “can-do” attitude, of course — but, like so many fixer-upper projects, the website turned from a creative exercise into a dead weight that I could neither cope with nor (in keeping with that thriftiness) farm out to a third party to take care of.

So in 2008 I admitted defeat and started the search for a better, newer, HTML editor. To my surprise, I found that editors have evolved over the past few years into true website-building software, in which the site builder gives up some creative control (no more raw HTML for me) in return for stunning simplicity and ease-of-use. The software I finally decided upon is called Sandvox, from a company called Karelia. I couldn’t be happier.

So check out the new site. There is still a lot of work to do (correcting mismatched fonts, proofreading, and so on) and I’ll be putting up new pages weekly, but it will get better. I promise.


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