Chicken Socks for the Little Artist

Chicken Socks is the line-up of art and craft books from Klutz Press, developed after exhaustive hands-on research and consultation with early-childhood experts. Of course, the fact that the research was conducted on the floor and the experts are under three feet tall only reinforces the legitimacy of their findings:

  • nothing beats the “look what I made” feeling of a craft project
  • games and puzzles are like gym equipment for your brain
  • the most influential gallery of contemporary art is your refrigerator door
  • every day can be improved with a little make-believe

Here are a couple of our favourite items from Chicken Socks, starting with Twinkly Tiaras.

Not surprisingly, this book is all about making tiaras, the perfect goes-with-everything accessory. It comes packaged with three ready-to-design tiaras and a stencil for making countless more (save those cereal boxes — an excellent free source of cardboard,) along with sparkly doodads for decorating them (21 jewels, 100 sequins in various shapes and sizes, 16 pompoms, 36 gel stickers, stencils and a glue stick.) It will give any little girl that happily-ever-after feeling.

$13.99 CAD Ages 4 and up.

For those traveling with preschoolers over the upcoming March Break, we highly recommend Draw It Again (and again, and again, and again). It’s a pretty simple idea: a reusable drawing book! A book with 20 laminated pages, four erasable markers, an eraser, and infinite possibilities. Each page contains a simple photographed image, eager to be transformed into a work of art. Fortunately, once the kids start drawing, they won’t have to stop.

The perfect item to tuck into the back seat of the van or the in-flight bag for a trip with a squirrelly four or five-year-old.

$12.99 CAD Ages 4 and up.


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