Life-Size Action Figures

Move over, Superman. You have some competition in the never-ending battle against crime and injustice, in the form of the real-life super-heroes who populate the pages of the World Superhero Registry.

Has your illegally-parked car had its wheel clamped in London, England? Perhaps you will be lucky enough to enjoy a visit from Angle-Grinder Man, an anti-government vigilante who patrols the city by night looking for cars to set free. Those of us who live in Canada can be on the watch for Polar Man, who shovels the walks and driveways of elderly residents and keeps an eye peeled for vandalism. New York may be a safer place thanks to the Dark Guardian, who patrols its streets fighting for “all that is right and just.”

Kooky? Maybe. Effective? Who knows? Fascinating? Without a doubt.


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