New Playmobil Specials are Here

The spring crop of Specials has arrived from Playmobil. There are twelve in all scheduled for 2009, with six now and six for September.

The Specials are always fun, as the designers tend to let their imaginations go to whimsy with these figures. In the past, Specials have run the gamut from Sherlock Holmes to Count Dracula, Cleopatra to a Mer-King; and almost always these have been figures unavailable in the regular line of Playmobil sets.

My favourites so far are #4685, the Masai Warrior, and #4683, the Cossack Soldier. Playmobil is offering an African Safari theme in Germany this year (complete with many amazing new sculpts of animals as diverse as ostriches and hyenas, and which we expect to see here in North America next year.) The Masai Warrior would be a wonderful add-on to this African theme.

Here’s the whole list of the Spring introductions:

  • #4681 Woman with Float
  • #4682 Construction Worker
  • #4683 Cossack Soldier
  • #4684 Guard
  • #4685 Masai Warrior
  • #4686 Child’s First Day at School

The Specials are CDN$3.99 each plus tax.


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