A New Train Pulls In

We’ve placed an order for Nuchi wooden trains, track, and accessories. The fellow behind the Nuchi line is Peter Reynolds, who was formerly president of the U.S. unit of BRIO AB, the Swedish maker of toy trains and other playthings. Reynold’s new company, the Little Little Little Toy Company, is one that has, in a way, risen from the ashes of Brio’s North American experience …

Nuchi track is manufactured of natural beechwood, sanded to a velvety smoothness. The track, accessories, and trains are compatible with those made by BRIO, Thomas the Tank Engine, and others. The track itself is largely sold by the piece (although some specialized pieces are sold in packs of two,) which allows the consumer to choose exactly what is needed — no more, no less. The price is very good as well; the lack of packaging for the track is both eco-friendly and easy on the wallet, since packaging itself can add amazingly to the cost of a product.

The designs are classic and elegant: this is a toy that will last for generations.

Look for the new items to arrive in April 2009.


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