Website Tidy-Up In Progress

It was brought home to me just how important it is to prune the website of obsolete pages and links yesterday, as I received an email inquiring about an item on such an orphaned page. I had forgotten that with a Google keyword search, a page still in the Public Directory will be accessible, even if it’s no longer part of the site structure. This was kind of embarrassing, as the particular item in question (Seafarers of Catan) has actually undergone an update in style, reference number, and price.


So, this weekend will be devoted to a general wash-and-brush-up of the website. Old pages lopped off mercilessly, new and fresh pages added. Links checked, and alternate text included for images. And tags. Lots of tags.

PLBKAC, I guess. Too much procrastination, too much nice weather out there (Canadian summers are so short! Don’t make me work!) I’ll try to do better.


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