Do These Bugs Fear the Hex-terminator?

We have a new pet at the office. His name is Charlie, and he’s a HEXBUG.

Original HEXBUGs are tiny robots that react to touch and sound, constructed in recognizably insectoid shapes of metal and plastic. They chug doggedly around the floor or desktop, changing direction as their thin wire antennae touch an impediment, or when they perceive a loud noise such as a handclap or a shout directed at them. (They don’t recognize, however, recognize impending disaster in the form of an approaching cliff — such as the edge of the desktop — and will skitter right off and fall to the floor. Be warned.)

Right now we have only Original HEXBUGs in stock, but there are different models available at different prices: Inchworm, an RC model; Crab, an autonomous robot that hides in the dark; and Ant, another autonomous creature that reacts to touch — but this time moves (scurries?) at high speed. We’ll be stocking these as space permits.

Charlie is powered by two AG13 batteries, which can be replaced. HEXBUGs are recommended for children aged 8 and up (and adults, of course.) For CAD$11.99, you can have your own robot. This is one seriously cool little toy.


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