We Love Klutz Face Painting!

A big thumbs-up to the Klutz Face Painting Kit, which we used at our face painting event here over the weekend. A team of two painted lots of faces (and hands, and arms) using the idea cards included in the kit. The cards break down these little painting ideas into three or four basic steps — very helpful when one is trying to paint both fast and well.

The idea cards include motifs for a bunch of balloons, a dolphin, a car, a kitten face, a cupcake, a unicorn, a snake, a dinosaur, a spider, a heart, a flower, and a ladybug. The unicorn and the dolphin were far and away the most popular — good thing that each was fairly easy to do!

The book itself has lots more ideas, tips, and tricks that will turn anyone into a competent face painter in no time. Only the full-face, more theatrical make-ups — fancy faces such as butterflies, tigers, vampires, and so on — may demand a little more time and paint, though they are just as well explained and just as easy to achieve.

The paints, which are manufactured by Wolfe Brothers, wash off quite easily using only water and a bit of soap. (Extra paint palettes are available, by the way, if you use up what comes with the book.) I found the coverage and consistency to be just right for face painting; you could achieve pretty good control on even the squirmiest child.

This kit works as an individual gift for a theatrically-inclined child, say (the kind who is forever staging performances in the living room, puppet-shows in the doorway, and impromptu concerts and parades). The kit can also be used as an amazing birthday party (or other occasion) activity, especially if you can round up an extra adult, paintbrush, and sponge to move the children through as quickly as possible.

The children and their parents all seemed happy, and we painters had just as good a time. We’re already looking forward to next time!

Klutz Face Painting, CAD$29.99 Limited quantities in stock.


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