Knot Tonight, Kids. Mommy Needs a Break.

Ah, those lazy days of summer, filled with soda, and pretzels, and … boredom. Seriously. Who hasn’t had a child whine that he or she was bored, bored, BORED! That there was Nothing To Do!

And so was invented the Craft Kit. (Also, sleep-away camp and visits to Grandma, but I don’t need to tell you about the virtues of those. You already know.)

Good craft kits have four positive attributes: they are reasonably priced for what you get, they teach some skill, they provide a tangible end-product that can be proudly displayed, and they keep kids occupied for the duration. The Knot-a-Quilt and Knot-a-Hat-and-Scarf kits from Alex Toys fulfill all these requirements in spades. The instructions are clear, the materials are good quality and full of eye-appeal, and the end results are cute (and wearable.)

These kits can be done — with a little help — by children as young as six, but their packaging is cool enough to be acceptable to kids as old as ten or eleven. I suspect that the super-cozy quilt, especially, would remain a cherished memento for a long time to come. The YouTube video below shows just how easy it is to do this craft, and how neat the finished items look.

Bored? Knot anymore!


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