Herobits Collectible Card Game Just In

We’ve just got in some copies of a new CCG-type game called Herobits; it looks very promising. It’s not really a collectible card game in the currently-understood sense, since an initial 50-card deck is all that each player needs for a game, with no blind-boxed mystery boosters offered or required to amp up the experience.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where robots strip the Earth bare in order to feed the “Machine,” and the few humans left on the planet train as heroes in order to do battle with the robots and reclaim the planet as their own. The game has a strong eco-subtext but the underlying message never upstages the actual game play, which is all about dominating your opponent!

Players take turns, placing their Hero cards face up on the table before them and drawing 7 cards at random from their own decks that form their playing hands. Then, through each round, players play cards that upgrade their hero’s skills, cards that attack their opponent’s Hero, or cards that defend their own Hero from an attack. Simple addition and subtraction of the cards’ point values determines damage for the round, and, ultimately, the winner.

There are three initial Heroes: James Willstorm, Li Kui, and Ulrika Vidar. Each of the three decks contains the same assortment of cards, but with a different Hero and different artwork. The three decks were created by three separate artists or groups: James Willstorm was inked by Emmanuel Xerx Javier, an artist from the Phillipines with a background in engineering and IT;Ulrika Vidar was the brainchild of Carla Millar, a painter with a long history of graphic-novels work; and Li Kui came from the team at DesignFXPro, a group of Chinese artists working in game and graphic design.

New characters (villains, I believe) are in the works right now and their decks will be released shortly. The company has plans to release new decks on a quarterly schedule.

Did I mention that it’s a Canadian company? Woot!


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