Best Toys for Kids 2009 – Toddler Play

These toys have been chosen by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association as “Best in Class” for toddlers, ages one through three.

First is Twilight Ladybug by Cloud B. This is a combination nightlight and bedroom constellation-maker, designed to help parents and small children deal with fear of the dark and sleep disturbance. The ladybug is a large, friendly-looking plush creature (about 14 inches in length) with a hard, perforated plastic shell. The “stars” are projected onto the ceiling and walls of the room through the perforations, and the shell itself illuminates as a nightlight. A 45-minute timer acts as an auto-shutoff feature, a good thing since it does use batteries. Around CAD$50.00.

Second is Wee Wedgits, an innovative building toy from ImagAbility. This is a five-piece set of squeezably-soft, nontoxic, polyvinyl blocks with rounded edges and intriguing building possibilities. The shape and sizes of the blocks mean that they fit together in a myriad of ways, lending themselves to all sorts of creative building ideas.

I must say, this is one of those toys that children themselves persuaded me to buy, and they were correct! 5-piece set in reuseable zippered case, under CAD$20.00.

Next time, I’ll look at the category of pretend play.


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