A Heartfelt Thank-You to Our Customers

We received a charming surprise a few weeks ago, in the form of a brief note from a customer from another province, accompanied by a cheque. Here’s what the note said:

“Hi! You probably don’t remember me but I was in your store just over a week ago & was so impressed with all of your Doug & Melissa toys and science ones et cetera I asked for your card. Anyway, I think that you didn’t charge me for two items … I figured out the tax and have enclosed a cheque! I think that you have the greatest store & greatest selection! Thanks!”

Wow. We were knew that our customers were — of course — the greatest, and this just confirmed it. Thank you.

(I wanted to frame the note and the cheque and hang them over the front desk, but Richard — ever practical — said that the customer would then never be able to balance her bank account again. I guess he’s right. We cashed it.)


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