Go Ahead and Play With Your Food


It’s confession time. Who among us — parents, children — hasn’t at one time nibbled a bit of Play-Doh? I know I have (okay, it was a long time ago. Really.) There is just something so tempting about modelling dough … so pliable, so moldable, so smooth … mmmmmm.

Ahem. Sorry.

PlaSmart, the company that brought the PlasmaCar to the world, has just introduced North America to Yummy Dough, the first moldable, edible, and playable dough in the world. Just add water to the dry mix, and knead it to a smooth dough that can be baked and eaten as a cookie! (Or, if you prefer, go ahead and eat it raw. It just tastes better cooked.)

Yummy Dough is a food product, and as such it is held to a very high standard of quality through a rigorous process of inspection and labelling. It does contain milk and egg products, and may contain soy and nut products through cross-contamination at the factory, so this is not for those with serious food allergies.

Each kit includes 4 x 113 of dough mix (red, blue, green, and yellow) that can be mixed in powder form (prior to adding water, that is) or squished together as dough in order to make additional colours (there’s a colour reference chart on the side of the box.) Also included are a measuring device and an ideas leaflet. Finished edible creations make delightful, tasty treats for parents or friends.

Yummy Dough sells for $9.99. In stock now.


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