A Toy You Can Bank On!

The Moonjar® is a three-part moneybox designed to help children build their dreams by learning how to save, to spend, and to share. It is divided into three separate retro-tin sections: one for Spending, one for Saving, and one for Sharing (there’s also a Moonjar Band to help keep the three sections together!).

This simple bank is a wonderful way to introduce the idea and the mechanics of savings. By using the bank in conjunction with an allowance, you as a parent can help your child learn to budget and to control money. As the company says, “Moonjar Moneyboxes help kids build their dreams by managing their allowances.” Learning to manage money is one of the best gifts that a parent or grandparent can give a child.

And Moonjars make the learning fun. By dividing the bank into three discrete parts, Moonjar® helps the child to take control of how much he or she wants to allocate to any one area. A passbook is included to help the child keep track of deposits and withdrawals to the bank — a great way to keep an eye on the bigger picture when saving for a goal. A step-by-step Family Guide with advice and ideas is also included.

It’s not surprising that this simple and attractive little bank has won many awards, including a Best Product from Dr. Toy, and Oppenheim Award, and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

$29.99, in stock now.


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