Is March Too Late for a New New Year’s Resolution?

I need to apologize.

Every year, my New Year’s Resolution is that I will become organized. Somehow, this one lonely resolution becomes an epic fail by February of each year. True to form, I am still disorganized.

Oh, I still get the things done that absolutely need to be done (usually on the due date, no earlier). Taxes are filed, remittances are paid, our suppliers get their money. But the things that can possibly be rescheduled, in order to make way for all the little crises that arise day-to-day? They do get rescheduled, and they get put off, and eventually they languish under the accumulated crud in the to-do pile.

And that’s what has happened here, with the blog. And I swear (as in “make an promise” swear, not the wash-out-your-mouth kind) that I’ll do better from here on out. Look for a review of our Triops Kit later this week right here, complete with pictures! (I’m charging the camera battery now.)

Cross my heart.


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One response to “Is March Too Late for a New New Year’s Resolution?

  1. I was just redirected to your post from my own, posted today. March is not too late to make resolutions 🙂

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