New from Elenco: Snap Circuits® Green

Snap Circuits Green

Snap Circuits® Green

Peak oil may or may not be upon us at this moment, but there seems no doubt that our children and the generations after them will face an energy future that looks decidedly different from our own.  Hydroelectric generating, geothermal, solar, wind, and tidal energy are all assuming an increasing importance in our power grids, as relatively clean and environmentally-friendly alternatives to fossil-fuel consumption.

The Snap Circuits® Green kit from Elenco Electronics introduces the young engineer to the basic scientific ideas behind “green energy”, and provides more than 125 projects that illustrate how — and why — things work.  The kit covers essentials of electrical engineering, such as the components of an electric circuit, as well as explaining how new technologies fit into the picture.   Both the scientific basics and the projects are clearly and understandably explained in the manual, with full-color diagrams and side-bar information for further reading and research.

All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease, which makes the models easy to build and allows the child to concentrate on what he or she is trying to achieve rather than on the construction process itself.

A great gift for a child interested in science.  Ages 8+.  In stock now.


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