The New Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook Arrives 10 July!

Fantasy Rulebook

Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook 2010

Saturday 10 July sees the release of the new Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook, which introduces lots of interesting changes to strategy for players with Fantasy armies. We’ll be hosting a “Wind of Change” party on 10 July from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. during which players can come down, learn to play with the new rules, and meet other Warhammer fans.

There will also be cookies 🙂

What’s In the New Rulebook?

The Rules
Here you’ll find all of the rules and information you need to wage war with an army of Citadel miniatures across the dangerous and enchanted landscapes of the Warhammer World.

The Warhammer World
This section explores the bloody background and war-ravaged history of the Warhammer World, detailing all of the races, and the great battles and pivotal events that have shaped the Warhammer World.

Miniatures Showcase
Here you’ll find over 100 pages of gloriously painted Citadel miniatures, a showcase of every Warhammer army. You’ll also find a slew of hobby tips that cover everything from assembling and painting your miniatures, to creating your own battlefield for them to fight over.

Warhammer Battles
This section is all about telling a tale through your games of Warhammer and there are six narrative scenarios to get you started. It even guides you through linking your battles together into epic campaigns and playing cinematic Legendary Battles.

The Lores of Magic
In this section you’ll find full rules and descriptions for each of the eight Lores of Magic that your wizards and spell casters can use to vanquish your foes and bolster your forces with.


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