2010 Spiel des Jahres Winner: Dixit

A creative party game from Libellud, a French publisher with only three games in its stable, has won the 2010 Spiel des Jahres.


Dixit, 2010 Winner of the Spiel des Jahres

Dixit, designed by Jean-Louis Roubira and illustrated by Marie Cardouat, is a social game for 3 to 6 players aged 8 and up.  Players are each dealt a random hand of six of the 84 beautifully-illustrated cards.  One player per hand is designated the Storyteller, who then secretly chooses one of his cards, and speaks aloud a sentence that somehow conveys the meaning or feeling in the card’s illustration.  He then places the card face down in the middle of the table.  The other players each then choose a card from their own hands that in some way shares in the meaning of the sentence, and place them face down with the Storyteller’s card.  The cards are shuffled and placed face up randomly, then players bet upon which card is the Storyteller’s.

Scoring is designed to encourage creativity and imagination, and to discourage blatant hint-giving:  if everyone (or no-one) chooses the Storyteller’s card, then the Storyteller scores zero for the hand, and all other players score two points.  Otherwise, the Storyteller and the person(s) who guessed correctly score three.  Players also score one point for every vote garnered by their own card.  Play finishes and scores totalled when the cards run out.

The depth and intricacy of the illustrations in Dixit means that there is a world of possibility for creative and abstract thinking.  If you like art, and you like writing, you are in for a treat with Dixit.

In stock now.  Ages 8+, 3 – 6 players, 30 minutes.  CAD$44.99


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