New in Stock: Roll Through the Ages – The Bronze Age

Roll Through the Ages:  The Bronze Age

Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age

Sometimes, even great games slip under our radar and we don’t notice them for far too long.  That’s what happened with Roll Through the Ages:  The Bronze Age, a neat little dice game that requires you to build a thriving civilization, and one of the finalists for this year’s Spiel des Jahres.

The inspiration for game author Matt Leacock, according to an interview in BoardgameNews, was Civilization:

I started playing Civilization when I was a teenager with my dad and uncle. Despite the fact that there were only three of us, our games tended to take most of the day – but those were days that I still treasure. The game was magical for me. These days, with my family and job, it’s hard to justify taking more than a couple of hours out of my schedule to play any single game. With Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, I’d hoped to come up with a game that captured the magic of this type of game, but could be played in an ultra-compressed time frame.

In Roll Through the Ages, players collect goods, create and assign workers to build cities and monuments, and advance their civilizations through cultural and scientific developments.  In the box, you will find seven solid wooden dice, each one stamped with six different icons; a 100-page pad of double-sided score sheets ensures that you’ll have enough to play over and over again (because you’ll want to!); and a pegboard and pegs with which to keep track of your assets and creations.  The game demands that players make decisions at every turn as to how to allocate resources and what to build, and, like all good games, each one of these decisions can be painful and difficult.

Roll Through the Ages requires both skill and luck in order to win.  Players can take risks in order to advance faster, and the ability to re-roll certain dice (sort of like Yahtzee) demands that players weigh the odds of different dice roll outcomes against their goals for the round.

Roll Through the Ages:  The Bronze Age is a great game for 1 to 4 players (yes, it can be played as a solitaire game quite successfully) ages 8 and up.  Highly recommended!


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