What’s All This?

Hula HoopLas Vegas, the city that pretty much wrote the book on legalized sin in the forms of gambling, escort services, and lax liquor laws, is mulling over a ban on Hula Hoops.

Yup, Hula Hoops — if this ordinance passes a vote — will be banned from a downtown business district known as the Fremont Street Experience.  Las Vegas City Council is apparently worried that street performers using Hula Hoops pose a problem for tourists and merchants, though critics suggest that this is only the latest in a series of attempts on the part of Council to control even legal and seemingly innocent activities that go on in what is, after all, a public area.

The crux of the matter would seem to be the fact that the Hula Hoop performers, amongst others, are free agents and are not part of the Fremont Street Experience LLC, a business collective that operates light shows on the 5-block metal canopy over the pedestrian mall.

Who would have thought that a simple hoop could bring forth so much controversy?


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