Swell on Wheels: It’s Trunki!

Trunki Detail

Traveling with kids is exciting, but also exhausting:  airports are huge and chaotic, and children’s legs — and attention spans — are short.  To the rescue of frazzled parents everywhere comes Trunki, the world’s first ride-on luggage designed for children!

Made of the same lightweight, durable plastic as grown-ups’ suitcases, Trunki features 18 litres of interior cargo space.  “Teddy bear seatbelts” help keep toys and clothes neatly packed inside, while secure catches on left and right edges keep Trunki closed until it’s meant to be opened.

A comfortable saddle, horn “grips”, and an extra-wide wheelbase with integrated wheels (for stability in cornering) make this a high-performance racing suitcase!  Trunki will hold children up to 23 kg (50 lbs), but weighs only 1.7 kg (under 4 lbs), so it’s easy for children as well as parents to wheel and tow.

Trunki Saddlebag

Also available is the Trunki Saddlebag, a clever little messenger bag that doubles as a saddle (with pockets) for Trunki.  Some padding eases travel-weary little backsides, while a squeaker allows riders to warn slower pedestrians to beware of zippy toddlers.

Let’s go globetrotting, baby!

Trunki Pink / Blue Assorted CAD$49.99
Trunki Saddlebag Pink / Blue Assorted CAD$19.99

In stock now.


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