L8ter, Baby :)

We all knew that it would happen eventually … babies would discover social media.  After all, who doesn’t want to know exactly what their friends are doing, even when what they are doing is burping, changing clothes, or napping?  In those respects, babies are not very different from teenagers, and where would Facebook be without those?


In the spirit of irony (we hope) here is the IOBR, the world’s first social media tool for babies.  Created with tongue firmly in cheek by Passi and Ripatti, two Finnish designers employed by design agency Palmu Inc., the IOBR purports to extend to babies the ability to send status updates to a fellow infant:

The actual status update is done by placing the appropriate block in its designated place on the box. For example, an “eating” update is sent by placing the square block with the “plate, spoon, fork” -icon in the square-shaped hole on top of the box. This results in the illumination of the corresponding status light on the friend’s device.

Sharp-eyed viewers will recognize the BRIO Shape Sorter as the repurposed underpinning of the IOBR.  Thoughtful readers will appreciate the designers’ satirical skewering of our apparent desire to let the world know of our every motion and thought (would anyone care to read my Twitter update on my break-time muffin?)

Let us hope that it remains a satire, and that we don’t see some version of this at next year’s Toy Fair.


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