An Old-Fashioned Winter

Deep Drifts

Deep Drifts in the Snowbelt

Parts of South-western Ontario have been taking a pounding from winter storms over the past few days.  London, a city of about 400,000, has received almost 100 cm (about 37 inches) of snow since last weekend, some of which has piled into drifts much higher than that.  Schools and offices have closed, and the Provincial Police have suggested that people who do not absolutely need to be on the roads should just stay home.

Snowstorm Game


Luckily, all that snow has so far missed us here, three hours east of London.  We will most certainly get a major winter storm sooner or later, however — the kind that children love and adults (the ones who have to get to work) dread.

Under the circumstances, what could prove a more perfect way to spend a snowed-in afternoon than settling down with Snowstorm from games company Family Pastimes?  Players help one another (Snowstorm, like all the products from Family Pastimes, is a cooperative game) to plough the snow, run their errands, and get safely home again.  This game was always a hit with our own children on wintry afternoons (although I always seemed to be the one who cleared the snow!)  Ages 5+, up to eight players.  In stock now.  CAD$14.99


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