A Perilous Pile of Pigs

Blue Orange Games makes clever games for children — and has a shelf full of awards to prove it — so their newest game, PigzUp, looks sure to follow in the footsteps of Gobblet, Froggie Boogie, and other Blue Orange winners.

Like most games from this publisher, PigzUp makes lavish use of painted wooden pieces, in this case 8 smiling pig heads (this is not as weird as it sounds, truly) which have a nice heft to them.  The heads are stackable, with tops and bottoms of differing sizes, painted noses in one of four different colours, and cute pink felt ears.

Players simultaneously flip the top card on their stacks; as soon as two cards match, the players involved must race to stack up the requested number of piggies.  Cards may be any one of four colours, or may be multiple colours.  The top card’s colour indicates the required colour of the top stacked pig’s nose.  There is also a D6 included for a game variant in which the picture on the die dictates how the Pigz may be handled (this variation recommended for somewhat older children).  The first player to successfully stack his pig retires that card from his hand.  First player to get rid of all his cards wins.

This is an enjoyable game for children aged four years and up.  In stock now.


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