Crokinole Boards are Back!

After much nail-biting and worrying about whether or not they’d actually make it here in time for Christmas, we’re happy to report that our final shipment of crokinole boards for 2010 has arrived in the store.

The price remains at CAD$44.99, which is a pretty good deal for untold hours of traditional gaming fun.  We’ve also received a large supply of replacement crokinole discs (CAD$9.99 for a package of 24.)

This year’s supply, by the way, actually is the 2-in-1 game as shown, rather than the 3-in-1 game we stocked last year (the difference being that this one only has the chess/checkers board on the reverse side, rather than chess, checkers, and backgammon.)

Anyone who wishes to refresh their memory as to the basics of the game and  its history may click on this link to a Scalliwag blog post from last December (game geeks, you know who you are).



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