The Importance of Little Things

Schleich 13629, Arabian Stallion

Schleich 13629, Arabian Stallion

Not all small toys are unimportant.

Founded in 1935, Schleich GmbH is a German company whose product line includes some of the most beautiful and affordable animal figures in the toy world.

The production of a Schleich model begins with a company artist modeling the piece in wax, which is then used to make a resin form.  This, in turn, is used to create the molds and as a painting reference.  Every single Schleich model is painstakingly painted by hand, with careful attention to details such as patterning of hair or fur, as well as glistening eyes and nostrils (most models even have “footprints”!)

Schleich 70400, Feya

Schleich 70400, Feya

Schleich’s product line includes animals — both domesticated and wild — from every continent, as well as historical and fantasy figures.  The company is well known for the scrupulous accuracy of its Medieval Knights series, which includes infantrymen, archers, knights, and war machines from different historical periods.  With the introduction of its Fantasy collection, however, Schleich has allowed its designers license to expand their boundaries, creating beautiful and imaginative elves and fairies.

Schleich 70063, War Elephant

For 2011, Schleich has launched the World of History, a new category of figurines featuring magnificent warriors from the past, such as the War Elephant, Spartan fighter, Roman Legionary, Ninja, African, and Gaul.  These and other new introductions in each Schleich line will arrive in the store over the coming months.  We have already received the first shipment of new farm animals!

Schleich toys are truly some of the best in the world — collector quality models at plaything prices.  We’re happy to be able to offer these small but wonderful toys!  Prices CAD$3.99 and up.  In stock now.



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