Draw Your Own Racetrack!

Doodle Track Car

When we were kids, my brother got a race track set for Christmas one year.  I remember that it took forever to set it up (and broke apart at the slightest touch), and that the slightest miscalculation by the car’s human “driver” on curves would send the car careening off the track to smash into the wall.  That set was a classic case of a toy too complex and finicky for the child for whom it was intended, and pretty soon it ended up in bits in the toy box, never to be played with again.  I’m sure that it was a disappointment both for the giver (my parents) and the recipient.

Now Doodle Track, from Daydream Toy, has come to the rescue of young wannabe drivers everywhere.  No more frustrating snapping of track pieces — just draw a line with any black crayon or marker, and the little race car will use its optical sensor to follow!  Make your track simple or complex, or even go to DoodleTrack Car to design and print your own customizable race tracks (we take no responsibility for the amount of printer ink or paper your child may beg for, as his designs become ever more intricate).

Each set includes one car in either red or blue that can be customized with the included stick-on decals, a play mat, and one official Doodle-Track marker.  The cars each require 2 AAA batteries (not included.)

My First Track

At left is a picture of a track I designed using the (very easy) drag-and-drop software at DoodleTrack Car.  The icons (stop sign, traffic lights, and so on) control the car’s motions, and the two parallel lines allow for real racing between two cars!  The creative possibilities are huge!

Recommended for ages 4 and up.  CAD$17.99 per set.


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