Price is What You Pay …

Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get. (Warren Buffet)

Dragon Knights' Duel

By any definition, Playmobil toys offer good value:  they are well-made and so last a long time; they are imaginatively designed, thus allowing open-ended and creative play; and they are priced to accommodate every budget, from a child’s pocket money to the most generous of presents.

Playmobil releases new sets every year on a regular schedule.  This February, we see the introduction of three new Duo-Packs:  #4912, Dragon Knights’ Duel; #4913, Earl and Countess; and #4914, Fire Rescue Squad.  These little two-packs are a steal — they offer two figures for just a dollar more than the regular price of a Special, which normally contains only one figure.  In stock now.  CAD $4.99 each.

#4148, Fairy Garden

Also just arrived are four new Compact Sets, #4146, Apple Harvest; #4147 Dragon Rock; #4148, Fairy Garden; and #4149, Beach Holiday.  These are designed as an easy introduction to the world of Playmobil — each set contains some figures, some accessories, and a bit of terrain — and these make a super birthday gift or “just-because” present at just CAD$12.99 each.

Good toys.  Good value.




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