New Product Review — Hive

Brand-new in the store is Hive, from U.S. games company Gen 42.  This is a two-player strategy game in which players race to be first to surround their opponent’s Queen Bee using a team of insects — their opponent’s as well as their own.

There are only eleven tiles per player, and those pieces are divided into different “insects” with differing strategic strengths and weaknesses:  the Grasshopper can jump over adjacent tiles; the Beetle can climb onto other tiles and move along the “top” of the Hive; the Spider must move three spaces at one time; and the Ant may move to many possible spaces (subject to the overall restrictions of the game).

These restrictions are few, but commanding — all pieces in play must touch at least one other piece at all times, and the pieces (with the exception of the Grasshopper and the Beetle) may only move into spaces they are able to slide into.

The rules of the game are elegantly simple, and the Bakelite tiles are satisfyingly weighty in the hand.  Hive has won awards from Mensa Select, Dr. Toy, and the Vienna Spiele Akademie.

CAD$32.99  In stock now.


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