For Kids Who Love the Knight-Time

#4868, Falcon Knights Multiple Ballista

Children have been fascinated by the castles and knights of the Middle Ages for hundreds of years, and not surprisingly the Knights theme from Playmobil has been a consistent favourite since its introduction decades ago.

The new 2011 Playmobil Knights theme has just arrived in the store, and it is a large and richly imaginative offering.  Since every army requires an adversary, the Knights are divided into two opposing teams, the Lion Knights and the Falcon Knights.  Each group has five different boxes in the theme, with a range of price points.

The Lion Knights — who seem to have been designed to represent the Good Guys, since their armour is shiny silver, their armaments tend towards the defensive, and their facial expressions tend towards simple smiling faces — have the following pieces:

  • Empire Castle (#4865) $229.99
  • Ballista (#4867) $16.99
  • Cannon Guard (#4870) $7.99
  • Troop (#4871) $19.99
  • Treasure Transport (#4874) $26.99

The Lion Knights’ castle has a ton of cool features, including a working portcullis, a catapult, a treasure hoist (those gold coins are heavy!  Would you want to carry them up and down the stairs?), a break-out stone wall, and a set of folding stairs.

The Falcon Knights seem destined to be the Bad Guys (but, like all bad guys, their weapons are cooler).

  • Falcon Knights’ Castle (#4866) $119.99
  • Multiple Ballista (#4868) $26.99
  • Battering Ram (#4869) $26.99
  • Cannon Guard (#4872) $7.99
  • Troop (#4873) $11.99

The Falcon Knights’ castle is smaller, although it features a working trapdoor, a drawbridge, a working cannon, and the same folding stairs and break-out wall as the Lion Knights’ castle.  Each castle also comes with some rudimentary furniture, knights, and accessories.

Falcon Knight Cannon Guard (#4872)

The Falcon Knight Cannon Guard (shown at left) is a little creepy, I grant you, with his black armour and his strange eyes.

As always with Playmobil, the level of detail in the sets is quite delightful — the weapons can be fitted into the figures’ hands, and the cannons “shoot” their little projectiles.  The figures’ armour can be removed and replaced.

As always, each Playmobil theme can be mixed and matched with any other, so your Knights could go to the Zoo on their day off, or the Hospital if the enemy’s cannon fire finds its mark (ouch).  The sky’s the limit with Playmobil!


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