Lego Minifigures Series 5

Lego Minifigures Series 5

I am having serious non-buyer’s remorse.

With every new release by Lego in its Minifigures series, I am regretting not having collected every previous figure — and this despite the fact that I don’t collect anything, let alone Lego.  This newest series has a charmingly northern feel to it (is this a shout-out by Lego designers to all their fans in Canada and Scandinavia, do you think?) with characters such as the Inuit fisherman, the lumberjack, and the scarlet-tunic-and-bearskin-wearing Guardsman.

Of course, there is something for every taste:  a Dwarven warrior, a cave-girl, Cleopatra, and so much more.  As before, these are blind-bagged, one per opaque foil bag, and part of the fun seems to be trying to discern which figure is in the bag before you buy.  (Some people are actually pretty good at this, I must say.)  Pricing has remained the same, at Lego’s recommended CAD$3.49.

Small Minifigure Case

Coming soon, for all those who have been collecting the figures, are officially-licensed Lego Minifigure Collector Cases in two sizes, small and large.  The small, seen at left, contains slots for eight figures and the large has enough room for sixteen.  The cases can be stacked (I mean, who has just eight favourites?).  These are scheduled to be released in September or October, just in time to make it onto those holiday wishlists.

And did I mention that word of Series 6 has been leaked?  Along with some photos?

The Statue of Liberty

My fave — the Statue of Liberty.


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