Squigs: Part Animal, Part Fungus, Part … Cupcake?

One of our good friends and customers, Matthew Dey, was recently victorious in the 40K Nation Bake-Off Contest.  His entry, a delicious-looking set of Squigs fashioned entirely from home-made cupcakes, fondant icing, and frosting, triumphed over many other efforts.  Here we have a short movie depicting the creation of the Squig cakes (the movie was actually the entry, since unfortunately 40K Nation is based in — or on — teh interwebs and so the judges could not, unfortunately, taste any of the goodies they were adjudicating.)

Matt reports that the Squig cakes, far from tasting like fungus, were delicious.  (By the way, for those who are not familiar with Games Workshop’s Warhammer universe, Squigs are small round beings with lots of teeth and voracious appetites, used in the game as attack creatures by their handlers, Goblins.)

We know who we are calling on to bake our next Warhammer 40K tournament goodies!  Congratulations, Matt!


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