Schleich Loyalty Promotion Now On!

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I apologize for the short notice, but we just found out about this today (although the letter was dated 5 August 2011).

Schleich North America is running a loyalty promotion during the month of September.  We have decided to extend it an extra two weeks, so it runs from today (8 September) until 15 October 2011.  For every $5 spent on Schleich products during that time, the customer will receive a special Schleich loyalty sticker to affix to his loyalty card.  When the card is filled with six stickers (or a $30 total purchase), he or she will be able to choose a free green dot figure from our selection.

That’s it.  It’s pretty straightforward, really.

We’ll also honour any Schleich purchases made at our store from 01 September to today, as long as you can show us the sales slip with the date and item number.  (No reason you should be punished just because Schleich is slow to get these notifications out.)


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