The Box Girls Big (and Mini!) Box of Questions

Box Girls "Take Out" Family Dinner Box of Questions

We’ve just been unpacking a monster order from the inventive folks at Melissa & Doug.  Although they got their start in the wooden-puzzle-and-building-blocks end of the toy business, M&D  has been expanding its catalogue to include such things as dress-up clothes, puppets, pretend play furniture and accessories, and ride-on toys (see the post on Trunki here).  Among the new items featured in this year’s Melissa & Doug catalogue are a great series of games called the Box Girls Box of Questions and Mini Box of Questions.

Each size is available in a number of themes, ranging from holiday-related games (Chanukah and Christmas) to B(est) F(riends) F(orever), Family Dinner, Slumber Party, and Birthday Girl.  The games are packaged in neat cylindrical boxes, with the large games including 82 question cards and the small games containing 42.  The games are designed to be conversation starters, helping kids, friends, and families to know one another better.

The company was started in 2002 by two harassed moms, Cece Feiler and Heidi Haddad, who were trying to keep impatient children — and husbands! — from melting down during a restaurant outing.  Since that time, over half-a-million games have been sold, and reviewers have been unanimous in their praise for the game’s ability to bring together families and friends.

Box Girls Box of Questions (assorted) CAD$11.99

Box Girls Mini Box of Questions (assorted) CAD$5.99

In stock now.


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